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"The only tradition upheld by the Orchestra is that of the flexible nature of pre-recorded roots music, when songs and ideas would be passed around from musician to musician, rewritten and rearranged to suit new circumstances and players. As such they are the anti-Mumfords, subverting the stolid conservatism that has come to be associated with much of today's folk music and reconstructing it from the ground up."

"The album is one of the most moving and visionary pieces I’ve had the pleasure of  

hearing in a long time it embodies the rawness of a centuries old seafaring world with that of the modern…the one constant being the remote beauty and unforgiving landscapeof Sula Sgeir…it is all captured here."


"The group’s peculiar approach to vocals and harmonising (incorporating all manner of yelps and gutteral projections) serves as an intriguing complement to Godspeed’s powerful prophecies. More unusual still is there beguiling and original instrumentation, which tonight includes a banjo, a thumb piano, and a harmonium. There is an occasional Middle-Eastern sound to the melodies as well as a celebratory spirit (particularly when they conclude by repeatedly chanting ‘with joy and sorrow in our hearts’)."


"Dead Rat Orchestra is, quite clearly, a terrible name for a band. Even the band members admit as much. "I normally say it now and cringe as I say it," Dead Rat Orchestree Nathan Mann concedes when I raise the interface of chosen moniker and rubbish quotient. "And I have to clarify that we're not 15 and it's not black metal. But strangely Spanish people think it's a fantastic name...."


“Undeniably, the festival's most beautiful concert and it was perhaps even more beautiful by the idea that, inside this little tent is surrounded by thousands of people who miss it and instead see Metallica and Sigur Rós. It is in a way that we ourselves have not decided to go here, but to Dead Rat Orchestra chose us to the small crowd of people who were lucky enough to see them." unattributed festivalgoer at Roskilde 2013.

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