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Free Folk in Brexit Britain

Sutari & Dead Rat Orchestra - July 2018 - Polish / English Free-Folk

Two of the world’s most prominent avant-folk ensembles join forces for a joint headline tour of the UK.

Exploring the traditions of Polish folk music, Sutari is a trio of singers, instrumentalists and performers, each from different musical and theatrical backgrounds. They use a mixture of traditional instruments (violin, basetla and drum), and also make use of everyday objects, exploring their potential as musical devices (for instance, a hand mixer, grater, bottles and a wrench).

July 2018 - Dead Rat Orchestra will collaborate with Polish folk trio Sutari in a tour that explores the cultural impact of Polish and European migration in England. Performing in locations across England that have been nexus of Polish immigration, and engaging with British, Polish and European communities in these areas, the tour will utilise Sutari and DRO’s unique approaches to performing traditional musics to lead audiences in a performative and timely discussion as to the cultural impacts of the UK leaving the European Union.


They explore deep vocal harmony traditions, searching for the essence and hidden character of traditional songs, whilst exploring themes of femininity in folklore.

The Sutari project is a fusion of diverse music experiences and passions.